ARTIST Attila Konnyu

Details of an Attila Konnyu’s interview of Shining International Cultural Exchange,
on WeChat platform in China

What is the most impressive words for you and why do you think it’s so important?

The most spectacular words in my life are the Harmony and the Love, that we can achieve through our hearts. In the human world, the most beautiful thing, the love, what can only be felt by the power of our hearts, which is invisible and untouchable. The heart is the most fascinating part of our body that carries the beginning and the end of life. Till this day, for science, it’s a mystery why the heart starts to beat. The power of the heart is the power of life itself, the power of intelligence that penetrates the whole universe and forms the basis of it. This power is at the heart of the whole universe.

We know that you are a painter, a sculptor, a movie director and even a singer, so among all of your roles and titles, which one do you prefer most?

Yes, people say I am a versatile artist. My creative activities include film productions, stage productions, paintings, sculptures, and singing. When I create, I always strive for the energies around me and within me to be harmonious. In this harmonic state, I need strong concentration, to do the perfect job. These energy levels build within me, wonderful feelings, like a flying creator. Each activity is different, but they are only perfect if I can achieve this state. For me, every art activity is nice.  My dearest is always what I’m doing right then.


Attila Konnyu
September 19. 2019.
Palm Beach, Florida